O&W advises and represents companies vis-à-vis all customs offices and main customs offices in Germany. We have excellent contacts with the authorities and usually know the case handlers very well from other procedures. This often provides us with direct opportunities for discussion and the achievement of our clients’ goals “by the shortest possible route”.

For example, we have represented companies vis-à-vis the following main customs offices in Germany:

  • Hauptzollamt Aachen
  • Hauptzollamt Augsburg
  • Hauptzollamt Berlin
  • Hauptzollamt Bielefeld
  • Hauptzollamt Braunschweig
  • Hauptzollamt Bremen
  • Hauptzollamt Darmstadt
  • Hauptzollamt Dortmund
  • Hauptzollamt Dresden
  • Hauptzollamt Duisburg
  • Hauptzollamt Düsseldorf
  • Hauptzollamt Erfurt
  • Hauptzollamt Frankfurt (Oder)
  • Hauptzollamt Frankfurt am Main
  • Hauptzollamt Gießen
  • Hauptzollamt Hamburg (formerly HZA Hamburg-Hafen, HZA Hamburg-Stadt, HZA Hamburg-Jonas)
  • Hauptzollamt Hannover
  • Hauptzollamt Heilbronn
  • Hauptzollamt Itzehoe
  • Hauptzollamt Karlsruhe
  • Hauptzollamt Kiel
  • Hauptzollamt Koblenz
  • Hauptzollamt Cologne
  • Hauptzollamt Krefeld
  • Hauptzollamt Landshut
  • Hauptzollamt Lörrach
  • Hauptzollamt Magdeburg
  • Hauptzollamt Munich
  • Hauptzollamt Münster
  • Hauptzollamt Nuremberg
  • Hauptzollamt Oldenburg
  • Hauptzollamt Osnabrück
  • Hauptzollamt Potsdam
  • Hauptzollamt Regensburg
  • Hauptzollamt Rosenheim
  • Hauptzollamt Saarbrücken
  • Hauptzollamt Schweinfurt
  • Hauptzollamt Singen
  • Hauptzollamt Stralsund
  • Hauptzollamt Stuttgart
  • Hauptzollamt Ulm

Functions of main customs office and customs office

The main customs offices are the authorities superior to the customs offices. You yourself report to the Directorate General of Customs. The main customs offices also deal with opposition procedures against customs decisions. Customs inspections and external audits are also ordered by the main customs offices and back payments are initiated from here. Criminal and fine proceedings are also conducted from the main customs offices. The individual customs offices, on the other hand, carry out import clearance and export clearance.

Good contact with the main customs office pays off

A good contact to the customs office or main customs office often pays off. Because the most important decisions around fine proceedings, additional payments or appeals are made here. As a rule, it pays off to maintain a personally friendly but in the matter certain tone of contact with the main customs office. For example, follow-up analyses or discussion appointments can be arranged, which then directly help the company.

O&W Attorneys at Law has maintained excellent contacts with decision-makers in the authorities for many years and is therefore in a position to sound out in advance whether customs will remedy an objection or whether further arguments will be necessary.

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