Request for additional payment or examination order received from HZA Koblenz? Our lawyers help!

The lawyers of O&W represent you in front of the HZA Koblenz. In particular, companies located in the vicinity of Koblenz or Mainz have points of contact with the main customs office in Koblenz. Our lawyers for customs law advise and represent you with regard to these customs authorities. We fend off subsequent investigations of the HZA Koblenz, accompany customs inspections and defend them in criminal proceedings or fine proceedings of the HZA Koblenz.

Responsibilities of the Hauptzollamt in Koblenz

The main customs office of Koblenz is a so-called inland customs office and is specifically responsible for monitoring companies from the region between Bonn and Frankfurt. The area of responsibility of this authority includes Koblenz, Mainz and Trier; the districts of Ahrweiler, Altenkirchen (Westerwald), Alzey-Worms, Bad Kreuznach, Bernkastel-Wittlich, Birkenfeld, Bitburg-Prüm, Cochem-Zell, Daun, Mainz-Bingen, Mayen-Koblenz, Neuwied, Rhein-Hunsrück-Kreis, Rhein-Lahn-Kreis, Trier-Saarburg and the Westerwaldkreis.

Companies have contact points with the main customs office in Koblenz when it orders a customs inspection from this authority. In addition, this main customs office is responsible for monitoring undeclared work and compliance with the minimum wage law. In addition, the HZA Koblenz has its own enforcement department, from which enforcement takes place.

The main customs office in Koblenz also had some subordinate customs offices among them:

Customs audit by the Zoll Koblenz

The main customs office in Koblenz also has its own examination service. Every company that imports or exports is subject to tax supervision. Accordingly, the customs administration wishes to ensure that there are no breaches of the provisions of the Union Customs Code or of general tax law. For this reason, companies are checked regularly, usually every three years, by the main customs office responsible for them as part of a customs audit.

The main customs office in Koblenz is responsible for companies located in the vicinity of Mainz or Koblenz. If you have received an examination order from the HZA Koblenz or the customs inspection does not proceed as expected, our customs attorneys are at your disposal. We have already accompanied several companies in customs inspections of this customs authority and also fended off requests for additional payments.

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