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Either in advance when planning processes in the company with regard to customs. Or we can help if, for example, you have to file an objection because the customs authorities have issued a negative customs assessment and levy duties. We are also at your side if a penalty or fine is threatened by the main customs office. In particular, we also support customs officers in their daily work.

Our attorneys for customs law in Hamburg would be happy to speak with you. You can reach us by telephone Monday to Friday, from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm CET: 040 / 369615-0

What a customs lawyer can achieve for you

Wir können Ihnen helfen, die zollrechtlichen Besonderheiten besser zu verstehen. Viele Mandanten zieht es erst einmal zum Steuerberater, wenn es um Zollrecht oder Außenwirtschaftsrecht geht. Allerdings sind Steuerberater eher auf das eigentliche Steuerrecht spezialisiert, und oft nicht auf die zollrechtlichen Besonderheiten, die die Europäische Union mit sich bringt.

  1. Lodge an appeal against a customs assessment

    Lodge an appeal against a customs assessment

    You have received a customs notification and would like to file an objection?

    Our customs attorneys will check your customs assessment and take care of the further proceedings. The lawyers at O&W have been active in customs law for many years and know the customs authorities and their particularities.

    • Take action against subsequent customs demands – with the help of our customs attorneys
    • Secure all deadlines and avoid adverse customs decisions
    • Personal and fast help from our lawyers for customs law

    Since deadlines often run as soon as the customs authorities issue a subsequent payment or other decision, legal advice should in any case be obtained quickly from a customs lawyer. Otherwise, there may be a threat of serious disadvantages.

    Lodge an appeal More about customs legal protection
  2. Customs criminal law attorney

    Customs Criminal Law / Customs Fines

    As attorneys for customs law, we represent and defend managing directors and employees of customs departments in preliminary proceedings for customs offences and administrative offences. Violations of customs law often lead to investigations by the customs authorities.

    In such cases, it is advisable to be represented by a lawyer specialising in customs criminal law.

    • Avoid punishment for breaches of customs law.
    • Every lawyer for customs law at O&W will defend you in the event of accusations from the main customs offices.
    • Direct and discreet advice and development of a defence strategy.
    Obtain defense More on criminal customs law
  3. Customs consultancy

    Customs consultancy

    You would like to optimize your customs processes, need legal advice for the correct customs clearance or have current
    Challenges with customs offices? Then please contact us – our customs consultancy from Hamburg will provide you with fast and reliable support. We act from the background or directly in dealings with the customs authorities.

    • Plan all customs processes and play it safe
    • We help with challenges and problems with the customs authorities
    • Nationwide consulting from the Center of Commerce in Hamburg
    Get counsel on customs More about it

Legal advice on customs law

Customs law is a very complex matter. In addition to many provisions of the European Union on customs law (e.g. Union Customs Code, other regulations and implementing ordinances) there are also German regulations and laws, e.g. from German tax law. All these legal acts complement the EU regulations.

This diversity often requires a specialist lawyer for customs law. Our attorneys have been advising for many years already in this proven special field and have an international network of cooperation partners.

The activities include the processing of:
  • Disputes during customs clearance
  • Customs valuation law
  • Anti-dumping measures (e.g. anti-dumping duty on solar modules, pallet trucks, especially in case of anti-dumping in the Chinese market)
  • Binding Tariff Information (BTI) disputes
  • Clarification of the correct customs tariff number
  • Filing of an objection / appeal on the basis of customs notices issued
  • Right of temporary admission
  • Retrospective payment of additional duties
    disputes concerning the granting of a preferential tariff (origin of goods and preferences, free trade agreements)
  • Accompaniment and pre- and post-clearance care during customs inspections
  • Representation towards all customs offices and main customs offices nationwide
Furthermore, we also advise and represent companies in the following areas :
  • Customs warehousing law
  • Right of inward and outward processing and application for authorisations
  • Customs criminal law and administrative fine proceedingsExport refunds, market organisation goods
  • Classification disputes under the Combined Nomenclature and related duties
  • Customs penalties
  • Foreign Trade Law
  • Support during ongoing customs procedures
  • Notifications in foreign trade according to AWV
  • Representation and assistance with customs inspection
  • Advice on the import of goods under tariff quotas or tariff suspensions
  • Application for a deferment account

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  1. Customs legal counsel provides security

    Anwaltliche Zollberatung gibt Sicherheit

    Since customs law is very complex due to its relationship to EU law, companies must always check whether their operations are properly organised.

    It must be ensured that all departments take into account the provisions of the Union Customs Code.

    Procedural and organisational instructions drawn up with the help of our customs law lawyers are often of great help to all employees involved in the company. Such instructions also prevent criminal proceedings from being initiated against the management (keyword: compliance). The customs administration often accuses entrepreneurs and managing directors of not having created the necessary structures and organisational guidelines to comply with all aspects of customs law.

    We discuss these aspects with you, especially in the area of our customs consulting services.

    From Hamburg, we therefore act proactively on your behalf both when planning customs law processes and when, for example, an objection has to be lodged because a customs notice has been issued or criminal and fine proceedings are threatened by customs.

    Please feel free to contact our lawyers for customs law in Hamburg.

  2. Rapid action against false customs notifications necessary

    Rapid action is necessary

    Especially if the customs authorities have issued a decision on import duties that does not correspond to your declaration at import, you should consult a lawyer for customs law.

    Lawyers specialising in customs law can check whether the notice was issued correctly.

    Often, action should be taken against an incorrect decision by customs. This is the only way to avoid an unfavourable practice in customs clearance by the customs office and to ensure effective legal protection. This can then also work against you in the case of later imports. Such an administrative practice should be avoided in any case.

    You only have a few weeks to lodge an appeal. In any case, you should act quickly and consult a lawyer.

    In the event of frequent infringements by a company, there is also the threat of withdrawal of customs privileges. For example, the status of AEO can be revoked. At the latest when the administration initiates fine or criminal proceedings, the assistance of a lawyer for customs law is necessary. The fines can be very high and can even threaten the existence of the company. Please feel free to call us at our office in Hamburg and coordinate the further procedure with us.

References in customs law

The customs lawyers at O&W have already handled numerous mandates in customs law. A selection of our past and current projects can be found here. For more information, please click on the heading.

  • Customs clearance of MARPOL waste

    The customs law attorneys of O&W from Hamburg advised a large waste disposal company from Hamburg on how to proceed with regard to ship-generated waste and the regulations of the new Union Customs Code and how this ship-generated waste must be cleared through customs in accordance with the MARPOL Convention. The customs regulation was unclear at this point

  • Assumption of an anti-dumping exemption

    O&W has advised a major bicycle company on the extent to which a exemption from anti-dumping duties granted by the European Commission for essential bicycle parts in the context of the takeover of a third-party company can be transferred to the purchaser and used for the purchaser’s own assembly of bicycles.

  • Doubtful indications of origin of solar modules

    In the case of imported solar modules, the customs authorities doubted the origin of the goods and assumed that they actually came from China. This would have resulted in anti-dumping duties which almost threatened the existence of the company. O&W advised on a suspension of enforcement and conducted the appeal procedure.

  • Classification of Medical Devices

    In the case of medical products, O&W has often taken on the task of assessing whether the classification by customs was justified and what options are available to achieve a different classification in the customs tariff. Since the customs’ view of classification often leads to considerably higher customs duties, these questions were very important for the importing company of medical devices. O&W provides ongoing advice on this matter

  • Anti-dumping duties on furniture glass

    O&W is currently conducting opposition proceedings for a company in the furniture industry. The furniture glass used by the company is equated by the customs authorities with so-called “solar glass“, which leads to high anti-dumping duties being levied. Since these glasses cannot be used in the solar industry at all, O&W has its client have a court examine whether the anti-dumping regulation is even legal.

  • Tariff preferences EU <-> Switzerland

    A company from Switzerland takes advantage of tariff preferences between the EU and Switzerland and operates its distribution centre in Germany. In the past, the customs authorities have failed to confirm various declarations of origin, but at the same time have not carried out any investigations. O&W clarifies for this client in court whether the proofs of origin were rightly issued and whether the customs preferences in Switzerland should be granted accordingly.

  • Iran Sanctions

    An exporting company takes advantage of the support of the law firm O&W lawyers and seeks advice on how to optimize export control for the export business and foreign trade audit in its own company. O&W helped with the creation of an export control manual to provide all employees with a set of rules for export control.

  • Russia-Sanctions

    Supporting a German shipping company from a compliance point of view when doing business with Russian companies not to violate the Russian sanctions.

  • Anti-dumping duties on curtain rods

    Advising a Polish importer of curtain rods with regard to anti-dumping duties imposed in Germany. O&W was able to obtain remission of the anti-dumping duties for the company in the opposition proceedings.

  • Anti-dumping duties on screws

    Legal advice to a company concerning the import of screws without payment of anti-dumping duty. Discussion of the possibilities of a indictment and defence strategy for the criminal proceedings.

  • Duty Exemption for Pharmaceutical Substances

    O&W advised a Hamburg-based company on the extent to which duty exemption according to “List P” can be claimed for certain pharmaceutical substances and their derivatives and subsequent collection can be avoided.

  • Anti-dumping duties on screws

    Advising a company concerning the import of screws without payment of anti-dumping duty. Discussion of the possibilities of a voluntary disclosure and defence strategy for the criminal proceedings.

  • Import of classic cars

    Car lovers have often come into conflict with customs when importing classic cars. O&amp;W has advised numerous vintage car buyers to the customs authorities if the customs authorities have not recognized the vehicle’s status as a classic car.

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