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  • How much does freight and forwarding collection cost?

    Collection of freight receivables is not as expensive as you would expect. The good news in advance: In case of success you will not incur any costs. Otherwise, you pay for a simple out-of-court collection procedure from 70.20 € net.

    • If the debtor is therefore liquid, the collection costs must be borne by the debtor. Costs for a collection letter therefore only arise if the receivable cannot be collected.
    • The costs for a collection letter depend on the amount of the outstanding debt.

    In the event of a freight or demurrage charge of e.g. 1,000 euros, the costs shall be calculated as follows:

    Open claim

    1000 €

    Reimbursable collection costs

    104 €

    lump-sum expense allowance

    20 €

    Total costs

    124 €

    Payment by debtor

    -124 €

    Costs incurred by your company

    0,00 €

    If the freight claim is not paid, the costs of the judicial dunning procedure may increase even further. You can also cancel the collection process at any time if you do not want to spend any more money.

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Collection for freight forwarders, agents and brokers

With our debt collection for forwarding agencies, we are your partner for receivables management in the field of logistics. Open freight receivables are not uncommon, especially in the logistics sector. O&W Attorneys at Law is your partner in freight collection.

Freight receivables are usually in the range of a few hundred to a thousand euros. If the shipper does not pay, the freight claim will often require additional costs; because staff is first busy with freight collection instead of carrying out meaningful activities.

The collection of freight often comes to nothing because the customer does not respond to several reminders. Particularly when freight claims have to be asserted abroad, the expense increases even further.

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Collection order: How we collect your freight claim digitally

If you have outstanding freight receivables, you do not have to fill out a long collection order form with us. Clients with the corresponding freight collection volume receive fully digital access for the collection of their receivables.

Enter all data directly by 4 p.m. and we will usually start the collection on the same day. In this way you also avoid the statute of limitations of your freight claims.

Via the digital client portal, you can also view the status of your freight receivables at any time.

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  • What experience does O&W have with debt collection for logisticians?

    The law firm of O&W Rechtsanwälte has been advising companies in the transport and logistics sector for more than [law firm] years. We carry out national and international debt collection for freight forwarders and carriers. Due to its short limitation periods and internationality, transport law is a special subject and therefore only suitable for proven experts.

  • How many orders per year does it pay to collect?

    You can use our online collection service from the very first open invoice. For companies that regularly use debt collection services, we offer attractive annual memberships.

  • Where can I place a debt collection order?

    Ordering debt collection is easy online. You will receive a convenient access from us and can thus register your transport invoices directly for collection.

  • Which claims can I assert?

    You can transfer each claim to us for collection. As a rule, undisputed claims are best suited. But in all other cases you can also transfer the claim to us. If the claim is disputed, a lawyer takes over the examination and then initiates the debt collection.

  • Is a debt collection agency not cheaper than a lawyer for debt collection?

    No, a conventional debt collection agency is not necessarily cheaper than a lawyer. On the contrary – debt collection by a lawyer is usually the quicker alternative. In the event of non-payment, claims can be asserted immediately in court. In addition, the costs incurred must be passed on to the defaulting payer. In the event of success, you pay nothing for the collection of your claim.

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