Lawyers and staff of O&W Attorneys at Law


  • Attorney-at-law, Partner

    Dr. Tristan Wegner has been working as a lawyer in international trade and transport law as well as agricultural trade issues since 2013. He is a specialist lawyer for transport and forwarding law.

  • Attorney-at-law, Founding partner

    Has been a lawyer in Hamburg since 1982 and has specialized in international commercial law, transport law, maritime trade law and ...

Angestellte Anwälte

  • Attorney-at-law

    Anton Schmoll has been with O&W Rechtsanwälte since 2013 and is admitted to the bar in Hamburg. He studied in Hamburg and St. Petersburg ...

  • Attorney-at-law

    After his nautical training to become a captain (AG), he completed his legal training. He has been working as a lawyer in Hamburg since 1991.

  • Lawyer, Abogada

    Did her legal training in Spain, where she has been admitted to the Abogada since 2002. After completing her master's degree at the University of Hamburg ...

  • Attorney-at-law

    Moritz Brandenburger has been with O&W since 2020 and is admitted to the Hamburg bar. He studied law and political science in St. Gallen and Münster. Mr. Brandenburger assists our clients in particular in customs law, as well as in import and export matters. He also deals with foreign trade law and anti-dumping customs proceedings.

  • Attorney-at-law

    Lennart Becker has been working for O&W Rechtsanwälte since 2019. He advises and represents companies from the maritime and transport industry, particularly in the areas of transport law, international commercial law, arbitration and transport insurance law.

Kooperierende Anwälte

  • Attorney-at-law, Not a partner of the firm

    Wilhelm Osterwald has been a lawyer in Hamburg since 1982 and deals mainly with civil law issues including problems of labour law.

Research Assistants

  •  Antonia Jürgens
    Antonia Jürgens


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    Meike Muskalla

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    Michelle Kainz

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    Vanessa Hagemann

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    Andrea Wegner