We developed several tools to perfectionize the contact with our clients. We are always looking for new ideas to improve our service to be of assistance to you.

We think we are pioneers among the law offices in developing alternative cost prototypes or in optimizing the handling of the cases we were entrusted with.

Our service includes

Online client portal

We are aware that prompt decisions are often decisive. Therefore, we inform our clients in our online client portal on current developments in their cases. Independent from the place where you are, you can take a look into the correspondence in your file – at any time, very easily and safe in the internet. This will not only accelerate your decisions but also is saving costs, as you can attend to your correspondence with us in a paperless form and in this way you are saving the expenses for comprehensive files.

You can reach our client portal by an encrypted and safe access.

Costs management

You should be informed beforehand about accruing costs. In this connection you will be provided with an estimation of the probable costs. In the course of the development of your case we will supervise the prospective and accruing costs. We will inform you quickly and simply on differences.

We can give you efficient cost solutions for your cases. In this way you are avoiding surprises and increasing acceptance in your controlling department. Please do not hesitate to ask us for individual solutions.

Quality management – please let us know your feedback

We are of the opinion that nobody can tell more about our quality than our clients. Therefore, we check in regular intervals whether our clients are satisfied with our assistance. All our employees are pleased to hear your wishes and your criticism and we then will take care to include your proposals for ameliorations into our internal quality management programme.

So, you as our client with your proposals are in the centre of our interest. In case you have proposals or complaints, please do not hesitate to contact us directly.

Technical equipment

We are of the opinion that as a basic tool a law office needs a good technical equipment. We, therefore, are working with a software solution that was made especially for law offices, which makes it possible that all the information you are furnishing is available for us immediately, as soon as you contact us for a question.

Personal contact partner

Many lawyers have no real direct contact with their clients. We have. We always care for a good dialogue with our clients. You can contact us anytime to ask for the state of affairs, the current strategy or recent developments. Your personal contact partner is available for you directly. We wish to offer you a direct service which usually is only possible for enterprises that have their own legal department.

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