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Find the right customs tariff number

We help companies to determine the correct customs tariff number. The customs tariff number is decisive because it determines the applicable customs rates and also decides on import prohibitions and restrictions. Also an export from the EU is only possible with a valid commodity code. Although the customs tariff numbers can be researched via the information application EZT-Online, there are many special regulations in detail, so that legal advice is important.

Our lawyers specialising in customs tariff numbers use all legal possibilities to represent your interests – and, if necessary, also intervene at the level of the European Court of Justice or the European Commission in order to achieve a favourable tariff classification in the Combined Nomenclature and to find a more favourable customs number in the list of goods.

Clarify which customs tariff number is correct

Which customs tariff number is correct? We clarify the correct customs tariff number and set it through.

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Avert paybacks

Customs thinks your customs tariff number is wrong and has ordered an additional payment? We fight back and enforce your tariff number.

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Optimisation of tariff rates

Are there undreamt-of savings potentials slumbering in your company because you use too high customs duties? We check this and optimise your customs clearance.

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Legal services for customs tariff numbers

O&W Rechtsanwälte advises and represents companies and importers in all questions concerning customs tariffs and the correct customs tariff numbers. Our main focus is:

  • The expert examination, which customs tariff number for a certain
    product is correct,
  • Advice on subsequent registrations in the event of different tax assessment by
    customs authorities,
  • The contestation of customs notices by means of opposition and action, with which the
    Customs a different commodity code has applied,
  • The defence against additional payments due to differing customs numbers,
  • The strategic optimization of import duties through enforcement more favourable tariffs
  • Checking whether international agreements lead to reduced duties
  • The application for and management of binding tariff information on
  • Securing a positive tariff number

Why the customs code is so important

Many companies either have the goods tariff number or the TARIC code determined by their forwarder or use the tariff number that the supplier has stated on the commercial invoice. In many cases, this tariff number later turns out to be incorrect. This can have considerable consequences. On the one hand, a incorrect customs tariff number can lead to cheaper imports. In the event of a later check, this leads to additional payments and in some cases penal proceedings. A tariff number that is too expensive, on the other hand, leads to smaller margins and uncompetitive resale prices. These are only two reasons that can lead to trouble with the wrong customs number.

Anyone who wants to represent against what he believes to be the correct goods tariff number vis-à-vis the customs administration must first know the exact system of the EU customs tariff, which is prescribed by the European Union. In addition, he needs a good strategy to pursue a favourable tariff number. Sometimes tactical considerations and the presentation of functions and material composition are also decisive for success.

Do you have questions about the correct customs tariff number? We discuss your individual case and help companies to find the right customs tariff number

Optimising customs tariffs

Companies often have concrete ideas about paying as little duty as possible on imports. Conflicts with the customs authorities and additional customs duties are often the order of the day.

Especially for articles with a large import volume, it is important to have a suitable strategy for determining the correct commodity code, which should include current court decisions, EU classification decisions and new trends in determining the commodity code.

Securing the correct customs code

But even if you have found the right commodity codes for your company – you must secure them for customs authorities. We have often noticed that companies have been given a tariff number by a customs inspector or customs official, for example, as part of an enquiry, which is sometimes taken back after several years and additional payments are demanded.

Companies then often react with incomprehension, and rightly so. For this reason, customs tariff numbers should be secured by means of binding customs tariff information. We also do this for companies on a regular basis – especially with a large stock of articles.

In our law firm for customs law, mandates concerning customs tariff numbers are handled exclusively by highly specialised lawyers in customs law. Every lawyer working for you has

has already made numerous classifications in the customs tariff for various goods,
has years of practical experience in dealing with customs authorities for the enforcement of customs tariff numbers

Expertise on many products

The lawyers at O&W Rechtsanwälte have already determined the correct customs tariff numbers (Harmonised System, Combined Nomenclature, TARIC code) for numerous products and helped with the classification. We have determined the tariff numbers from almost every industry, such as

  • Customs tariff numbers for toys
  • Customs tariff number for steel products (hot rolled steel, strip steel)
  • Customs tariff number for car parts (e.g. controls for car radios)
  • Customs tariff numbers for medical devices, apparatus, instruments and other medical products (e.g. implant screws, inserts, bandages, wheelchair cushions, tubular bandages, heat pads and supports)
  • Customs tariff number for vitamins and food supplements
  • Customs tariff numbers for action cams, computers and other technical goods

Clarify the correct customs tariff code

In a free initial consultation, we discuss your customs tariff numbers and define a strategy to secure them.

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