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The Hauptzollamt Hannover is one of the most important customs offices in Germany. It is located in the state capital of Lower Saxony and performs its duties from there. The HZA Hannover is so important precisely because it is responsible nationwide for issuing binding tariff information and binding origin information.

The contact details of the HZA Hannover are currently as follows (without guarantee):
HZA Hannover
Hackethalstraße 7
30179 Hanover, Germany
Phone: +49 511 37414-0

Hauptzollamt Hannover Anwalt

Binding tariff information from the HZA Hanover

Companies may submit an application for binding tariff information to the Hauptzollamt Hannover. With such information the customs tariff number is bindingly established. This information is binding for companies and customs authorities alike for three years. Accordingly, for the whole of Germany and Europe the customs tariff number shall be fixed at the request of the Company.

If companies do not agree with their information, they must object to the main customs office in Hanover and, if necessary, also take legal action against this main customs office.

Frequently, customs inspectors also insist that companies organise a tariff information service at the HZA Hannover. In this respect, the main customs office in Hanover is, so to speak, the key office for the determination of customs tariff numbers.

In some cases, however, such tariff information does not make sense, so that benefits and risks should be carefully weighed with legal assistance before applying.

Further tasks of the Hauptzollamt

The main customs office in Hanover also has other important tasks.

Some legal acts have transferred certain responsibilities to the main customs office in Hanover from other main customs offices. This main customs office is therefore also responsible for the other tasks:

Representation towards the HZA Hanover

O&W Rechtsanwälte vertritt Unternehmen has been dealing with the main customs office in Hanover for many years. All O&W attorneys working in the field of customs law have

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