In trouble with the Zoll Braunschweig? The customs attorneys of O&W help

The lawyers of O&W represent them before the main customs office in Braunschweig, take over negotiations with this main customs office and defend them against incriminating additional payments from this main customs office.

bold]You have received a notification from the Zoll in Braunschweig? Contact our customs attorneys with years of expertise regarding this main customs office and get an initial assessment of whether the HZA Braunschweig has acted properly. Call us now on 040/3696150.

Contact details HZA Braunschweig (without guarantee):
Kasernenstraße 17
38106 Braunschweig
Telefon: +49 531 3809-0
Fax: +49 531 3809-200

The main customs office Braunschweig has the office key 4900 and is located in the middle of Braunschweig. This customs authority shall exercise its powers vis-à-vis downstream customs offices customs offices. In addition, the HZA Braunschweig also has special responsibilities, namely:

Uncompleted T1 shipping procedures are often processed by HZA Braunschweig

A special responsibility of the HZA Braunschweig is that this main customs office is specifically responsible for T1 transit procedures. In this respect, responsibility for transit procedures from Lower Saxony, Bremen and Saxony-Anhalt is concentrated at the Braunschweig main customs office. If a transit procedure is not properly terminated, the Braunschweig Main Customs Office shall be responsible for post-clearance recovery on the basis of the T1 procedure which has not been terminated. Accordingly, our law firm has frequently challenged review notices of the Hauptzollamt Braunschweig because of not settled T1.

Customs controls and criminal proceedings

In addition, the Hauptzollamt Braunschweig also orders a customs inspection if companies are to be inspected. The attorneys of O&W can also contact the attorneys at law of O&W after receiving an examination order from the HZA Braunschweig and we will advise you with regard to the upcoming customs examination of the HZA Braunschweig.

Since the HZA Braunschweig has also received responsibility for fines and criminal proceedings for Hanover and Magdeburg, it may well happen that they have received a hearing from the HZA Braunschweig because of a fine or criminal proceedings. O&W’s attorneys are also available to assist you in these cases and to advise you on whether or not to get involved in the allegations.

Consultation and representation to the HZA Braunschweig

Do you need legal advice or representation at the main customs office in Braunschweig? Then the lawyers at O&W will be happy to assist you. All attorneys have many years of experience in customs matters and are specially trained to conduct negotiations with customs officials and especially with the main customs office in Braunschweig. Often a phone call or request for a meeting is enough to resolve a supposedly deadlocked situation. Our lawyers

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