Any trouble with the main customs office in Dresden? Our attorneys advise and represent you before the HZA Dresden

The main customs office in Dresden (HZA Dresden) is one of the most important main customs offices in Germany. Finally, a large proportion of air freight is handled via this main customs office, since the HZA Dresden is also responsible for Leipzig/Halle Airport. In case of disagreement with this main customs office, our customs lawyers will be happy to advise you. Even if an appeal against a decision of the HZA Dresden should be filed, we are at your disposal. We also advise if criminal proceedings or fine notices have been issued by the HZA Dresden or if these are in the offing.

Responsibility of the HZA Dresden

The Hauptzollamt Dresden monitors whether these customs offices function properly and corrects their decisions and import duty notices, if necessary, if the party concerned lodges an objection. Subordinate customs offices include:

Customs clearance at Leipzig/Halle Airport via the Zoll Dresden

The main customs office is so important because it is responsible for air freight at Dresden and Leipzig airports. With a freight volume of more than 1.2 million tonnes in 2018, Leipzig/Halle Airport ranks among the top five cargo hubs in Europe and is the number two in Germany. The main customs office in Dresden is therefore extremely important, especially for air freight shipments.

Import consignments into the EU which arrive by air via Leipzig/Halle to Germany via air freight are therefore cleared by the offices subordinate to the Dresden main customs office. Thus, in case of disagreement with this main customs office in the context of customs clearance, companies must convince this main customs office, for example, that the chosen customs tariff number is correct or that all other provisions of customs law have been complied with.

Prosecution of criminal offences by the main customs office Dresden

the main customs office Dresden is also responsible for the prosecution of criminal offences in the area of import and export. The Main Customs Office takes over the duties of the Public Prosecutor’s Office until this procedure is handed over in larger cases to the Public Prosecutor’s Office itself. Thus, if incorrect declarations are made within the framework of import or export and are made within the jurisdiction of the main customs office in Dresden, this customs authority can also initiate criminal proceedings (e.g. for tax evasion) or fine proceedings.

Anyone who has received a hearing form or an interview from the main customs office in Dresden should therefore ensure that he does not incriminate himself and consult an experienced lawyer in customs criminal law to discuss the further strategy.

Other responsibilities

The main customs office in Dresden is also responsible for reducing the price of agricultural diesel.  It is also responsible for monitoring compliance with the provisions of the Minimum Wage Act. Compliance with the Minimum Wage Act is checked as part of regular raids.

Also the responsibilities for the discharge from the energy tax after ? 103 of the energy tax execution regulation are nearly country widely bundled with the main customs office Dresden with the relief of the energy tax. If it comes besides irregularities in the context of transit procedures, the customs administration introduces a so-called search procedure. This is the case, for example, if the consignment is not correctly placed under the T1 transit procedure and the transit procedure is thus ended. The Dresden main customs office therefore often also issues import duties notices because the transit procedure has not ended, e.g. under the Community transit procedure, the common transit procedure or under the transit procedure with TIR carnets.

We represent you in front of the customs offices in Dresden

Our lawyers will be happy to represent you if you have any problems with the main customs office in Dresden/Germany. In the past, for example, we have advised companies on the following issues:

Please contact our customs attorneys so that we can discuss with you without obligation how we can help your company vis-à-vis the HZA Dresden.

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