Companies having difficulties with the main customs office in Bielefeld can rely on the experience of O&W Rechtsanwälte. O&W’s customs attorneys have already represented a large number of companies vis-à-vis the main customs office in Bielefeld. As a rule there are disputes with the main customs office in Bielefeld when it comes to customs inspections or subsequent payments.

Should you have any difficulties with the HZA Bielefeld, it is usually advisable to first have a direct conversation with the customs officer. If this is not fruitful, you can contact us at any time. We help the HZA Bielefeld. All lawyers working for O&W Attorneys at Law have extensive experience with the HZA Bielefeld, e.g.

Talk to our lawyers, who all have extensive experience with the HZA Bielefeld and can help you directly. You can reach us by phone at +49 40 369615-0.

Fields of activity of the HZA Bielefeld

In the past, press releases about the HZA Bielefeld were frequent, according to which the internal work processes of the authority are clearly in need of improvement. O&W’s customs attorneys have also found that the processing times at HZA Bielefeld are sometimes very long. Companies which have problems with the main customs office in Bielefeld should therefore have it examined whether an action for failure to act can be brought.

The main customs office in Bielefeld is entrusted in particular with the usual tasks of a main customs office. It supervises the subordinate customs offices.

The customs offices which fall within the area of responsibility of the main customs office Bielefeld:

However, it is also responsible for customs inspections. The main customs office has its own examination service for this purpose. In addition, the main customs office in Bielefeld is responsible for the recycling of movable objects and for issuing tobacco tax stamps. Furthermore, the main customs office in Bielefeld, like the other main customs offices, is responsible for prosecuting administrative offences and criminal offences for twelve offences. Companies that have received a hearing from the main customs office in Bielefeld for a criminal charge should contact us immediately.

Contact data of the Hauptzolamt Bielefeld (without guarantee):

Werner-Bock-Straße 25-29
33602 Bielefeld
Telephone: +49 521 3047-0
Fax: +49 521 3047-9010

Please contact our attorneys to find out how they can help you. We are happy to represent and defend your company in proceedings of the HZA Bielefeld.

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