By a ship arrest claims can be secured quickly. Practically in every country you have the possibility to arrest ships. In Germany the legal provisions for a ship arrest are mentioned in the “Zivilprozessordnung”, the German Code of Civil Procedure.

By a ship arrest – whether justified or not –  the operation of the ship can be troubled considerably. If a ship was arrested, contracts of carriage cannot be fulfilled, which will lead to claims for damages of the contractual partners. Moreover, high demurrage has to be paid to the port. Often considerable securities are necessary to get the ship free as soon as possible.

We have long-lasting experience in such matters and are in a position to answer all your questions concerning the arrest of ocean vessels. We know when your ship is in danger to be arrested and we can tell you where ship arrests are easy to obtain. We take the necessary measures if your ship was arrested and especially take care of the following:

In case your ship was arrested, our lawyers in our Hamburg office are able to quickly take the necessary steps to get the ship free again.  We, however, are not only specialists for the arrest of ocean vessels in the port of Hamburg, but can also assist you concerning arrests in international ports like e.g. Dubai, Rotterdam, Pusan, Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Shanghai or Singapore.

As maritime law office in Hamburg we have a long-lasting experience in the arrest of ships. As time is playing an important role when a ship is arrested, we will handle your case quickly and, if necessary, also outside office hours.

Please do not hesitate to contact us, if you have any questions concerning the arrest of ocean vessels. Every lawyer in our office is able to provide you with comprehensive advice in this special field. Our office in Hamburg is immediately at your disposal.

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