Disputes arising out of Bills of Lading

Disputes arising out of Bills of Lading (B/Ls) are an important part of our daily work. Such disputes do not only arise on account of cargo damage but also if the identity of the contractual partner is not clear.

In practise disputes also arise, if remarks for damage or loss of the cargo were made in the Bill of Lading. Also if the goods were delivered without presenting a B/L or if a falsified Bill of Lading was submitted, this often leads to legal proceedings.

We are in the position to support you with all these kind of queries concerning the Bill of Lading, e.g.
  • claims for payment of freight (freight collect / freight prepaid clauses)
  • delivery without original B/L, delivery with written undertaking
  • right of retention of the shipper
  • issuing clean and foul Bills of Lading
  • relation between Bill of Lading and freight contract
  • Combined Transport Bill of Lading / Intermodal Bill of Lading,
  • disputes concerning sea waybills (Express B/L)
  • unspecified clauses (said to weigh STW / said to contain)

From our office in Hamburg we are assisting shipowners, shippers and cargo interests to solve problems with other parties on account of Bills of Lading.

Especially in this legal field experience counts. Please do not hesitate to contact us.