Charterparties and the relevant law

We give advice, if you wish to conclude a charterparty or if you have problems with its winding up. If necessary, we are at your side to act on your behalf before the courts or in maritime arbitrations proceedings. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Charterparties are contracts between the shipowners and the charterers of a vessel. It is not unusual that legal problems arise in this connection. We give advice to shipowners, charterers and cargo interests on the following special subjects:

  • slot charter
  • bareboat charter
  • time charter
  • voyage charter
  • ship management contracts and  agreements
  • disputes on maintenance, repair, fuel supplies and speed of the vessel (e.g. bunker consumption, speed and consumption claims)
  • off-hire disputes
  • disputes on laytime and demurrage

Often different nationalities and places of jurisdiction are party to the C/P. On account of this charterparties are a complicated legal field, for which a special advice is necessary.