Contracts concluded under the Einheitsbedingungen im Deutschen Getreidehandel are subject to an arbitration agreement. According to § 1 Standard Terms and Conditions, all disputes arising from the agreements shall be settled by an arbitration court set up at a German grain and products exchange (commodity exchange or Börsenverein). The way to the state courts is thus not given for contentious claims. This is very useful on a regular basis, as quick results can be achieved in arbitration proceedings. The decision is made by arbitrators who are very familiar with the peculiarities of agricultural trade.

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Arbitration agreement according to unit conditions

The parties are free to agree upon an arbitral tribunal themselves, which shall decide on the disputes. In the absence of such an agreement, the competent arbitral tribunal shall be governed by the standard terms and conditions:

The procedure before the arbitral tribunal shall be governed by the rules of the respective arbitral tribunal. In Hamburg, for example, the Rules of Arbitration apply to the Arbitration Court of the Association of Grain Traders of the Hamburg Stock Exchange e.V. The Rules of Arbitration regulate the composition of the Arbitration Court, the course of the actual arbitration proceedings, the costs and the proceedings before a Higher Arbitration Court.

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