As a lawyer, Dr. Wegner advises on the Unified Conditions in the German grain trade (in German: Einheitsbedingungen im deutschen Getreidehandel). From our office in Hamburg, Germany-wide advice in contract law is possible.

Proximity to the Hamburg Stock Exchange ensures good contacts to the industry

The attorneys at O&W are therefore happy to advise you on all questions regarding the Unit Conditions in the German grain trade . We not only help in arbitration proceedings, but also check, for example, whether your purchasing conditions contradict the standard conditions or whether there is a need for optimization.

Our expertise covers all contract law problems, such as payment disputes or quality arbitrage. Please contact us you can also call 040 / 36 96 15 0

Solutions for your disputes by Einheitsbedingungen

We regularly advise our clients on the following problems:

Since attorney Dr. Wegner in the field of uniform conditions in the German grain trade wrote his Ph.D., he knows the relevant forms and traps in daily settlement, but also the opportunities that the uniform conditions give in the defense against claims of the opposite side. The proximity of our Hamburg office to the Verein der Getreidehändler ensures us good contacts to the industry.

Background to the Deutsche Einheitsbedingungen im Getreidehandel

The standard conditions in the German grain trade are the most important contract for intra-German grain trade. But also in local foreign traffic, contracts are often concluded under uniform conditions. The conditions are published by the Association of Hamburg Grain Traders of the Hamburg Stock Exchange. The “Hamburg Grain Exchange” exists in Hamburg under the umbrella of the Hamburg Stock Exchange. This is organised by the “Verein der Hamburger Getreidehändler der Hamburger Börse e.V.”. (VdG).

The Exchange not only sets the prices for grain and brokers trading transactions, but also represents the interests of wholesalers and foreign traders in the grain industry.

In particular, it also issues form contracts for trading in cereals, animal feed and pulses . In addition, the Association provides its own arbitration to settle disputes between members.

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