Foreign trade law lawyer in Germany

As German Attorney for Foreign Trade Law in Hamburg we are well acquainted with the provisions of foreign trade law. We advise German exporters in foreign trade law and in particular with regard to Sanctions, Embargos, Dual-Use-Goods and export licenses.

“The provisions of foreign trade law must be strictly observed – high prison sentences are imminent.”

From our office in Hamburg we advise companies nationwide in foreign trade law. We help to optimize the processes in the company and stand up for you if there are disagreements with the authorities, such as the BAFA.

Contact our German lawyers for foreign trade law in Hamburg. You can reach us by phone from Monday to Friday from 09 a.m. to 6 p.m. at +49 (0) 40 / 36 96 15 0.

Foreign trade law – better advice

Our activities include the processing of:
  • Application for export licences and assistance if export licences are refused by German BAFA
  • Terror lists and sanction lists
  • dual-use regulation
  • sanctions imposed by the European Union (e.g. Ivory Coast, Belarus, Iran, Yemen, Lebanon, Liberia, Libya, Russia, Syria)
  • Defense in criminal proceedings and fine proceedings for sanction violations
  • Assistance with the foreign trade audit

Important projects in foreign trade law

The foreign trade lawyers at O&W have already advised on numerous foreign trade law cases. A selection of our past and current projects can be found here. For more information, please click on the heading.

  • Voluntary disclosure of violations of foreign trade law

    The lawyers of O&W have achieved that employees of export companies could not be prosecuted for breaches of foreign trade law by making effective voluntary disclosures[/toggle title="Work Instructions for Preventing Sanction Infringements"]O&W has advised companies that deliver to sanctioned countries. In these cases it is particularly important to ensure that all approval requirements and prohibitions are observed by all employees. In a workshop with the customer, O&W created an employee manual and work instructions for the company so that a legally compliant export is possible

  • Violations of Iran sanctions

    O&W advised a company that had violated the Iran sanctions. As a result, the management was investigated and O&W finally managed to get a significantly lower fine than originally expected

  • Compliance: Russia sanctions

    Supporting a German shipping company from a compliance perspective when concluding business deals with Russian companies does not violate the Russia sanctions