Following the conclusion of a test procedure on which we reported, the EU Commission has revoked the commitments of three Chinese manufacturers of modules, cells and wafers. This means that a Anti-dumping duty 67.9% on imports from these manufacturers. Importers may be required to correct your information to customs. You also face the threat of subsequent collection of anti-dumping duties.

With the Implementing Regulation (EU) 2016/1402, the Commission reacted to a breach of the rules of the Undertaking System by withdrawing the undertakings. Among other things, this system requires companies not to sell their products below a certain minimum import price in the Union.

Revocation of commitment invoices as of August 2016

The Commission considers that the three producers have infringed this rule because the importers of the products were not independent but linked to the companies.

Therefore, the undertakings for the companies were revoked with effect from 24 August 2016.

The companies concerned are:

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