Authorised Economic Operators (AEOs) are granted numerous advantages in customs controls over other economic operators by the Union Customs Code (CCC). According to Art. 171 UZK, a customs declaration may also be lodged before the goods are presented. If, in this case, the competent customs office wishes to inspect the goods, it must inform the AEO before presenting the goods in accordance with Art. 24 para. 3 of the Delegated Regulation to the UZK (UZK-DA).

This benefit applies to all types of AEO licence and irrespective of whether the AEO acts as notifier or representative. The German customs administration has announced on its website that it is now implementing this national grant of this advantage. Authorised economic operators could therefore soon benefit from early notification of foaming measures.

In addition to this, AEO status has many other advantages that enable economic operators to complete customs formalities faster and more cost-effectively.

If you have any questions about the status of the AEO, we'll help you.

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