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Anti-dumping: Consultation of e-bike importers

On 16 January 2018, the European e-bike importers’ collective was heard by the European Commission. A delegation from the collective took this opportunity to explain why e-bike importers see no reason in the complaint of the European Bicycle Industry Federation to impose a possible punitive anti-dumping duty. Companies trading with e-bikes should keep an eye on the course of the investigation.

Anti-dumping investigation for e-bikes from China

At the instigation of the European Bicycle Industry Association (EBMA), an EU investigation had been opened into alleged price dumping of e-bikes from China. EU importers quickly formed resistance to this in the form of an importer collective consisting of 21 e-bike importers from seven EU member states.

Importers clarify their position

The hearing was attended by representatives of five importers from Belgium, Denmark, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and Hungary and, according to Leva-EU, they further elaborated their arguments against the EBMA complaint and discussed the initiation of further legal action against any measures. How this will influence the further investigation remains to be seen.

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