The European Road Dangerous Goods Convention (ADR) regulating the packaging, securing of loads and marking of dangerous goods is revised every two years. The transitional period for the new ADR 2013 expires at the end of June, so that only the new regulations will apply from 1 July 2013.

Burden of proof for classification information

According to the new regulations, the sender now bears the burden of proof that he has handed over the dangerous goods with clear classification information. Therefore, a written transport document should always be submitted, which should contain the current master data of the corresponding goods.

Environmentally hazardous substances

Environmentally hazardous substances must be specified in the transport documents as “environmentally hazardous” or for combined sea/road transport as “marine pollutant/environmentally hazardous”. Units packed in”limited quantities” and containing more than 8 tonnes may no longer be transported through category E tunnels (e.g. the Elbe Tunnel during the day).

Trailers with dangerous goods

Trailers with dangerous goods that must be labelled must be marked with an orange-coloured plate on the rear side if they are parked alone. This means that the trailer has a monitoring obligation for parking in the German public road space. Only trailers with UN 1202 are exempt from the monitoring obligation.

Load securing

A minimum size of 12 mm is required for marking with a UN number (transition period until 31.12.2013). This minimum size also applies to other information, e.g. the marking”outer packaging” for transport in outer packaging.

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