We had already reported that a provisional anti-dumping duty was imposed on imports of solar glass.

The European Union has now determined by the implementing regulation 470/2014 that a definitive anti-dumping duty will be imposed. This applies to all imports where the product originates in China.

The product concerned is solar glass made of toughened soda-lime flat glass with an iron content of less than 300 ppm, a solar transmission of more than 88 % (measured at spectrum AM 1.5 300-2 500 nm), a heat resistance up to 250 °C (measured according to EN12150), a thermal shock resistance of Δ 150 K (measured according to EN 12150) and a mechanical stability of 90 N/mm 2 or more (measured according to EN 1288-3) originating in the People’s Republic of China, which is currently classified under CN code ex 7007 19 80.

Provisional anti-dumping duties will therefore be definitively collected.

We have already pointed out that importers who import white glass or float glass which is not used for the construction of solar modules may also be crossed by the anti-dumping regulation. This problem is now topical again.

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