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Exemption from anti-dumping duty on steel ropes and cables from China and Korea


Since 15.5.2014 the Korean manufacturer Goodwire MFG. Co Ltd were added to the list of companies exempted from the anti-dumping duty imposed on imports of steel ropes and cables originating in the People’s Republic of China or the Republic of Korea (Implementing Regulation (EU) No 102/2012). The decision was taken following the completion of the investigation in August 2013 at the request of Goodwire MFG. Co Ltd initiated partial interim review.

Exemption from the anti-dumping duty requires that a valid commercial invoice complying with the provisions of the Annex to the implementing Regulation (EU) No 400/2010 is presented to the customs authorities of the Member States. If no such commercial invoice is presented, the anti-dumping duty must continue to be paid.

This shows that the imposition of a definitive anti-dumping duty is not the last word. We will advise you in detail on how you can protect yourself against anti-dumping measures. Contact us here.


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