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Dr. Wegner asked about liability in fatal offshore diving accidents


The English shipping magazine IHS Maritime Fairplay interviewed Dr. Tristan Wegner in its August 7, 2014 issue about the legal background of several fatal diving accidents during the construction and maintenance of offshore facilities.

The article“Red flag over offshore wind farm fatalities” sheds light on the background of three diving accidents involving divers Wilkinson-Lowe (27), Patrick Costello (27) and Stephen O\’Malley (48) in German territorial waters. The fatal diving accidents were subsequently investigated. While the Diving Association considered the accidents avoidable, the German public prosecutor’s office and police came to the conclusion that the accidents were tragic coincidences.

Dr. Wegner explains in the article why families should try to inspect the investigation files at the public prosecutor’s office and that the results of the marine accident investigation authorities are not binding for the public prosecutor’s office, but are often an important indication of an initial suspicion and the start of investigations.

Attorney Dr. Tristan Wegner

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