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Will anti-dumping duties on solar modules be lifted?

Since 2013, there has been an anti-dumping duty on solar modules and key components (cells) in the European Union. This was issued by Implementing Regulation (EU) No. 1238/2013. At the same time, a countervailing duty was imposed. The anti-dumping duties on Chinese solar modules could now expire.

Expiring anti-dumping duties on 07.12.2015

The anti-dumping measures were limited until 07.12.2015. In principle, the duties will therefore cease to apply at midnight on that day.

However, companies in the European Union may make a written request for a review of the anti-dumping duties. If that complaint contains sufficient evidence that dumping continues, the anti-dumping measures may be extended. This request for review may be submitted until 06.09.2015.

Anti-dumping duties on solar modules may then be extended.

Repeal protects only for the future

Even if the anti-dumping duties were to be lifted, this would only affect the periods after 07.12.2015. For violations of the anti-dumping regulations before that date, even a lifting of the anti-dumping measures would have no effect. Possible criminal proceedings would also continue, although the anti-dumping duties on solar modules have been repealed. In these cases it is important that at the time when the anti-dumping duties were imposed any infringements were found.

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