Revocation of anti-dumping undertakings by Chinese manufacturers of photovoltaic modules

The European Commission, by Implementing Regulation (EU) 2015/2018, revoked the adoption of the Commitments from two leading manufacturers of photovoltaic modules. This means that the products of these producers are automatically subject to anti-dumping duties on imports of Photovoltaic modules of crystalline silicon and key components thereof (cells) originating in or shipped from the People’s Republic of China.

Affected are goods of the manufacturers “Chint Solar” and “Sunny Energy”

Under an anti-dumping proceeding, manufacturers of dumped products have the possibility to undertake to meet certain conditions such as compliance with minimum export prices. To this end, the European Union (EU) imposes more favourable anti-dumping duties on the products of the obligated manufacturers. The Commission found breaches of the undertakings given by the following manufacturers:

European acceptance bears the risk of incorrect customs declarations

European residents should be warned. Anti-dumping duties shall apply irrespective of the person from whom the product is purchased. The decisive factor is that they come from the above-mentioned manufacturers. The importer runs the risk of paying anti-dumping duties and fines, even if he has purchased the goods from a third party company. There may also be a risk of criminal investigation.

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