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Retroactive anti-dumping duties on high-strength reinforcing bar steel from China

European customs authorities have for some time been covering all imports of high-strength reinforcing bar steel originating in the People’s Republic of China. The measure follows the current investigation procedure, which may end with the imposition of provisional and definitive anti-dumping duties. Imports currently covered could be subject to anti-dumping duties retrospectively.

High-strength reinforcing bar steel is initially registered with customs authorities for nine months

This concerns certain imports of high-strength rebar steel of iron, non-alloy steel or alloy steel (except stainless steel, high-speed steel and manganese-silicon steel), only hot-rolled, also wound after rolling. The goods are currently classified under headings 7214 and 7228 of the Harmonized System (HS).

Customs registration will initially take place untilSeptember 2016. A provisional anti-dumping duty is expected to be imposed in the meantime. Interested parties have the opportunity to participate in the investigation procedure in accordance with the usual rules.

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