The European Union, in a decision under the Euro-Mediterranean Preference Agreement, has adopted the Rules of origin for products from Jordan. This will reduce the barriers to the declaration of Jordan as a country of origin. Businesses with trade relations with Jordan should now consider whether they can benefit from the customs facilitation

List of working or processing operations under the Euro-Mediterranean Agreement extended

The Decision amends Protocol 3 of the Euro-Mediterranean Agreement and the list of working or processing operations set out therein. The list in Annex II to Protocol No 3 (Protocol of origin) is supplemented so that a wider range of working or processing leads to originating status. Loosening exists, for example, in the form of 70% regulations. This means that certain products are treated under customs law as being of Jordanian origin if the value of all materials does not exceed 70% of the ex-works price. This will give more goods a preferential tariff treatment. The relaxation applies until 31 December 2026 Precise knowledge of the rules of origin can lead to decisive competitive advantages through preferential tariffs. Under the Mediterranean Agreement, preferential treatment also exists for goods from Morocco, Tunisia or Israel, for example. For advice on the complex issues of the law of origin, please contact our customs lawyers;


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