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Anti-dumping duties on cast iron products threatened

The European Commission has opened an anti-dumping investigation into imports of certain cast iron products originating in the People’s Republic of China and India. This threatens the imposition of provisional anti-dumping duties. Affected importers should now participate as interested parties in the investigation procedure.

Anti-dumping investigation into cast iron and steel products

The subject of the investigation are goods of cast iron with lamellar graphite (grey cast iron) or cast iron with nodular graphite (ductile cast iron) and parts thereof:

The goods are used as covers or openings for above-ground or underground systems. Goods of the kind used to allow access to or visual inspection of above-ground or underground systems are also affected.

The goods can be machined, coated, coated and/or bonded with other materials, such as concrete, paving slabs or other slabs. However, fire hydrants are excluded.

The goods are currently classified under CN codes ex 7325 10 00 and ex 7325 99 10.

O&W Attorneys at Law advise and represent interested parties in anti-dumping investigations. As certain deadlines have to be met, companies concerned should report now.

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