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Extension of TIR and ATA carnet transit procedures

Both the TIR procedure and the ATA carnet will be extended this year.

Saudi Arabia to accede to TIR Convention

Saudi Arabia announced its intention to accede to the TIR Convention on 23.03.2017. The implementation of the TIR system should be completed in the course of the year. At an IRU (International Road Transport Union) workshop in Riyadh in mid-March, private and public sector players from Saudi Arabia discussed the advantages and prospects of introducing the TIR procedure in Saudi Arabia. The extension of the geographical scope of the TIR procedure opens up new favourable transport routes which could boost trade in the Middle East.

Kazakhstan joins Carnet-ATA

The ATA carnet transit system has also been extended. The procedure is used for the temporary export and import of goods such as samples, professional equipment, exhibition and trade fair goods. Since 1.04.2017 Kazakhstan is the new Carnet-ATA partner country, so that from now on ATA Carnets for Kazakhstan can be issued in Germany and other European countries and ATA Carnets from Kazakhstan are accepted.

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