The European Commission has opened an anti-dumping proceeding against electric bicycles (e-bikes, pedelecs) originating in China. We have already reported here that the European Bicycle Manufacturers Association (EBMA) has requested that such a procedure and corresponding anti-dumping duties could be threatened. Interested parties should contact the Commission immediately and have an influence on the outcome of the proceedings. Importers should also be prepared for anti-dumping duties on e-bikes.

Anti-dumping duties on bicycles and essential bicycle parts so far

Anti-dumping duties on bicycles originating in China have existed for many years. These measures have been extended to consignments from other countries (Indonesia, Malaysia, Sri Lanka and Tunisia), partly because of circumvention practices.

As the measures were also circumvented by simple assembly operations, anti-dumping duties were also imposed on essential bicycle parts originating in China. Installation firms may be exempted from the anti-dumping duties if they use Chinese parts within certain limits in their assembly operations. In the case of imports of parts in small quantities, anti-dumping duties may also be avoided through the end-use customs procedure.

However, a bicycle must be separated from an e-bike or pedelec at customs tariff. The existing anti-dumping duties therefore do not in principle apply to electric bicycles.

Anti-dumping investigation into certain e-bikes

The subject of the study is”Bicycles with pedaling aid with electric motor”, which have a Chinese origin. The goods are currently classified under CN codes 8711 6010 and ex 8711 6090 (TARIC code 8711 6090 10).

However, it remains uncertain whether anti-dumping duties will be imposed at the end of the investigation only for pedelecs or also for e-bikes, where the electric motor will work even if the pedals are not depressed at the same time.

Participate in the anti-dumping investigation

Interested parties have been invited by the Commission to report within 15 days and to provide relevant information within certain other deadlines. In this way, you can actively participate in the outcome of the proceedings.

Provisional anti-dumping duties could be imposed on certain e-bikes from China within nine months. The investigation is expected to be completed within 15 months so that definitive anti-dumping duties could subsequently be imposed.

O&W Attorneys at Law have been advising clients on ongoing anti-dumping proceedings for years. We participate in the investigations and strategically adjust your company to the impending anti-dumping duties.

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