Customs often detains shipments of imported laser machines. No matter whether laser machines or other laser products are involved, if the consignment is confiscated by customs, a lengthy procedure often follows. Companies that do not react are threatened in the worst case with the destruction of the goods and possibly even with a fine.

If your consignment is detained by customs and concerns laser products, please contact our attorneys. We will contact the customs authorities and clarify whether your consignment can be released for import. You can reach us at +49 40 369615-0.

Import of laser products into the EU

There is a wide variety of laser products that companies import into the EU. These include:

  • Levelling lasers
  • 2-D or 3D laser scanner
  • Laser Pointer
  • Laser spirit level
  • Show and projection laser
  • Laser sources for installation in other machines
  • Laser processing machines
  • Laser safety cabins
  • Laser safety curtain
  • Beam switches
  • laser cutter
  • Laser cutting machines
  • Laser engraving machines

Customs seizes laser products that are not safe

Laser products can be subject to various directives and product safety requirements, such as

  • Product Safety Act
  • Low Voltage Directive
  • Machinery Directive
  • EMC Directive

It often happens that machines with a laser or laser products are detained by customs. The market surveillance authority or the office for occupational health and safety then intervenes. In many cases the authorities criticise the laser products, especially if they come from China. The list of complaints is long.

A release is usually only granted if the products are in conformity with the applicable product safety regulations. In particular, the authorities usually expect prescribed warning notices, the name and address of the person placing the product on the market, a German assembly or operating manual as well as safety equipment, such as an emergency stop switch or protective devices against misdirected laser beams.

The extent to which the customs or market surveillance authorities impose requirements in this regard also depends, for example, on the laser class. Laser machines which are designed for material processing must be assigned to laser class four due to the wavelength of the laser light and the safety requirements are correspondingly high.

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