One of China’s largest solar module manufacturer JunkoSolar has announced, according to a press release, due to the anti-dumping measures of the EU and U.S. on solar modules soon to produce in Malaysia. Jinkosolar is one of China’s largest manufacturers of solar wafers, solar modules and cells and silicon ingots and is one of China’s leading solar companies.

Beware of non-Chinese solar modules from third countries

In the past, it has happened time and again that companies have bought solar modules that should not come from China. Malaysia in particular has developed into a new centre for solar modules.

However, companies should always check whether production has actually been relocated when their suppliers announce this. In our consulting practice we have often seen that Chinese modules are actually sold by Malaysian distributors or letterbox companies. In fact, however, the modules and solar cells come from China.

In these cases, there is a risk of anti-dumping duties being subsequently levied because the modules actually come from China.


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