P&I Clubs

P&I Clubs are special insurances for shipping matters. They first were established in the United Kingdom. P&I Clubs in general are covering risks that are not covered by hull underwriters. Which risks are covered can be taken from the relevant P&I policy. Only those risks are covered which are named in the policy.

Typical examples are:

  • supplements to the hull insurance (e.g. damage to the vessel which is not covered by the hull insurance)
  • supplements to the liability for collisions
  • damage to cargo and loss of cargo
  • liability for wrecks
  • damage on account of oil pollution
  • bodily injury and
  • penalties and monetary fines

O&W is acting on behalf of P&I Clubs. We can help you with the defense of claims that your Club members are faced with and we take the necessary recourse. On the other side O&W is also advising ship-owners for their P&I insurance.