By Regulation (EU) 2018/683, the European Commission imposed provisional anti-dumping duties on certain truck and bus tyres for buses and lorries originating in China. The provisional rate of the anti-dumping duty varies between €52.85 and €82.17 per piece, depending on the producer. Operators importing truck tyres from China should check as soon as possible whether they are affected by the measures and what precautions they can still take against the anti-dumping duties.

Truck tyres affected by the measures

The provisional anti-dumping duty will initially apply to imports of a type of new or retreaded rubber pneumatic tyre used in buses and motor vehicles for the transport of goods with a load index exceeding 121 and originating in China and currently falling within CN codes 4011 20 90 and ex 4012 12 00 (TARIC code 4012 12 00 10).

Under certain conditions, an individual rate of anti-dumping duty may be granted to producers mentioned in the Regulation.

However, in the future, finished wheels with tyres fitted could also be subject to the anti-dumping duty. To avoid circumvention, the Commission already intends to impose an anti-dumping duty on them. These products are now to be classified under TARIC codes 8708 70 10 15, 8708 70 10 80, 8708 70 50 15, 8708 70 50 80, 8708 70 91 15, 8708 70 99 15, 8716 90 90 15 and 8716 90 90 80 so that the Commission can better monitor possible circumvention of anti-dumping measures.

Tire importers must check whether they are affected

As the anti-dumping regulation does not cover all types of tyres, companies should consider whether their imports are affected by the measures or could be affected in the future.

Interested parties can contact the Commission within very short deadlines, for example by submitting comments on the classification of different brands and classes of tyres. It is also possible to request a hearing or information on the essential facts and considerations concerning the adoption of the Regulation.

The provisional anti-dumping duty is applicable for an initial period of six months and may be replaced by a definitive anti-dumping duty.

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