Are you looking for a Specialist lawyer for customs law? Then we must clear up a common misconception. There is no specialist lawyer in customs law.

Which specialist lawyers are there?

Specialist lawyers are lawyers who have particularly pronounced knowledge in a particular field. Only those who can prove special theoretical knowledge and also have intensive practical experience in the field of law become a specialist lawyer. Not every lawyer can simply call himself a specialist lawyer. He must have received this designation from the Bar Association itself.

There are no specialist lawyers in every area of law. You should therefore be careful whether lawyers rightly call themselves a specialist lawyer. Specialist lawyers are available, for example, for administrative law, tax law, labour law or international business law. However, there is no specialist lawyer for customs law. Of course, it cannot be ruled out that the bar associations will introduce another specialist lawyer for customs law. After all, many specialist solicitor’s offices have been added in recent years, most recently, for example, the specialist solicitor for asylum law. So if you are looking for a customs lawyer, you should know exactly that it is inappropriate for colleagues to call themselves a specialist lawyer for customs law. Such a title is also misleading for the public.

Instead of a specialist lawyer in customs law, pay more attention to expertise

Instead of looking for a customs lawyer, companies should choose their customs lawyer on the basis of his practical expertise. Customs law is a proven special subject. The regulations of the European Union are complex and the peculiarities of the customs administration procedure can usually only be understood after several years of activity.

Instead of looking for a specialist lawyer in customs and foreign trade law, it is better to ask your favoured law firm to explain which cases have been dealt with in the past and what expertise exists in certain areas of law. Take advantage of the possibility that many lawyers offer a free initial consultation, as we do in customs law. Here you can find out whether the lawyer fits in with your own company and whether the chemistry is right. This is much more important than looking for a title that doesn’t exist.

Our customs lawyers answer your questions in a free initial

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