On 1 June 2020 the European Commission introduced the INF electronic system for the authorisation procedure of inward and outward processing. INF numbers must be provided and indicated on the customs declaration.

From now on, INF forms may no longer be used.

When is the standard information exchange used?

The standard exchange of information INF via the EUCTP will be used in the following cases of inward and outward processing:

  • inward processing authorisations EX/IM or outward processing authorisations EX/IM involving one or more EU member states
  • IM/EX inward processing authorisations or IM/EX outward processing authorisations involving more than one EU member state

However, it is also possible to use other means of electronic information exchange as an alternative.However, it is also possible to use other means of electronic information exchange as an alternative.

Regardless of the method of information exchange chosen, it must be specified in the authorisation.

How do I make an INF request?

  • Register / Log in to your EU User Account on the EU Customs Trader Portal (EUCTP)
  • Select module INF
  • Create the INF application datain the EUCTP
  • Indicate theauthorisation numberor the application number
  • The system creates an INF number which must be included in the customs declaration

If an application for authorisation with customs declaration has already been made, the EUCTP cannot be used at this time. Other means of electronic information exchange must be used.

For authorisations included in the CDMS customs decision system , data from the CDMS is transferred and compared by the system (e.g. type or quantity of goods to be entered for the procedure).

Good to know: Even if the quantities or values recorded in the authorisation are exceeded, clearance is still possible. However, companies should apply for a subsequent amendment of the authorisation.

For authorisations that are not registered in CDMS, all data must be entered into the system.

At present, there is no way to create a summarized or retrospective INF.

When do I not need to use the INF system?

Licence holders do not always need to use the INF: the electronic system does not have to be used

  • where the customs office of entry for and discharge of the procedure are identical, or
  • customs offices have agreed other electronic means of exchange (e.g. Excel tables)

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