The Munich Customs Investigation Department has struck again, searching numerous private apartments and business premises in Munich and the surrounding region in a raid.

The customs investigation of Bavaria suspects that companies have engaged in smuggling solar modules.

This search is a next step in an ongoing investigation against the evasion of anti-dumping duties on solar modules. The customs investigation has searched various companies in the past, and repeatedly launched investigations and criminal proceedings for customs evasion.

Customs alleges that the minimum price valid at that time was evidently circumvented through reimbursements so that the minimum prices were in effect unpaid.

Who is at risk?

All companies who purchased solar modules in this period from the enterprise in question are at risk.

If they were aware (because of the pricing) that the solar modules were introduced under the MIP, they could also face criminal proceedings for receiving smuggled goods – even if the solar modules were supplied to DDP.

Have you purchased solar modules under the MIP?

Are you concerned that you will also come under the scrutiny of the authorities? Then we would be happy to talk with you. Our attorneys for customs law in Munich have been helping companies with anti-dumping duties on solar modules since 2013.

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