The law firm of O&W-Rechtsanwälte celebrates its 25th anniversary. For a quarter of a century, O&W’s attorneys have been serving national and international clients at a high level. In addition to a legally precise assessment, the economic interests of the clients are always in the foreground.

Lawyer Ronald Wegner founded the firm in August 1987 and from the very beginning it has focused on international maritime trade law, making it one of the few law firms specialising in this field.

From the foundation of the law firm to a highly specialized “boutique”

The attorney continuously expanded the firm and made it a so-called “boutique” for the entire international trade. Boutiques are small, cost-efficient but highly specialized law firms that know their clients’ needs well and offer tailored advice on special topics. In comparison to broad-based law firms, it is not the mass of cases that counts, but above all the knowledge of the individual client.

Later, Joachim Mädge and Gemma Sanz Puig followed in the footsteps of lawyers with specialist knowledge of international trade law. So Attorney Mädge can fall back on valuable nautical experiences, since he completed a nautical training to the captain (AG). Lawyer Sanz supports the team as a native speaker, especially in advising Spanish clients.

Today, the lawyers at O&W advise primarily in the areas of maritime law, transport law, insurance law, international sales and commercial law and customs law.

O&W’s clients include the entire commercial team, including shipowners, transport insurers, freight forwarders and carriers.

Over the years, the firm has established very good relationships with decision-makers in the maritime industry and has a large network of experts that can be called upon for the realisation of clients’ interests.

New perspectives: Customs legislation

Customs law was added to O&W’s practice only a few years ago and is now increasingly being processed. “We have noticed that our clients are facing more customs problems than ever. This is mainly due to increasingly complex provisions and the relationship between EU law and national law. Problems often already arise in freight forwarders, which can quickly be targeted by customs investigations”, explains Attorney Wegner.

There are only a few law firms in Hamburg that are familiar with customs law. The proximity to the former free port of Hamburg (soon to be the sea customs port) makes advice on customs law issues imperative.

The client’s economic interests continue to be at the forefront. “We continue to attach importance to working in partnership with our clients.” Our attorneys have excellent qualifications and will continue to provide practical, fast and individual advice in our proven areas of expertise.

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