On 15.02.2014, the investigation procedure for setting an anti-dumping duty on salmon trout originating in Turkey was opened. The procedure was initiated at the request of the Danish Aquaculture Association and, according to the notice in the introduction, concerns the following products which are currently covered by CN codes ex 0301 91 90, ex 0302 11 80, ex 0303 14 90, ex 0304 42 90, ex 0304 82 90 and ex 0305 43 00:

“Salmon trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss), live, fresh, chilled, frozen or smoked, as whole fish (with head and gills, excluding, with a piece weight of 1,2 kg or less, or without head and gills, excluding, with a piece weight of 1 kg or less) or as fish fillets (with a piece weight of 400 g or less)”

The purpose of the investigation procedure is to hear various parties and to investigate the existence of dumping. A provisional anti-dumping duty may be imposed around November 2014. If the investigation ends with the conclusion that dumping has occurred, a definitive anti-dumping duty is expected to be imposed for an initial period of six years by May 2015.

Importers and interested parties may participate in the investigation procedure in various stages. As a general rule, a request for or against an anti-dumping duty must be communicated to the Commission within the first 15 days of publication of the notice.

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