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Union Customs Code - 9 Recommendations for action - new brochure


Since the new Union Customs Code has been in force since May 1, 2016, O&W Rechtsanwälte has now published a brochure with the topic “Union Customs Code – 9 Recommendations for Companies”. The brochure explains how the new customs law is structured. In addition, opportunities that companies have with the new customs law will be addressed. This partially simplifies customs clearance. But misconduct must also be better avoided in future, as it can now be sanctioned.

Download the brochure now.

The brochure provides clear background information on the new customs law. In the brochure you will find out, among other things

  • why customs law was reformed with the UZK
  • what opportunities companies have under the UZK
  • why customs is now seen as “partner of the economy”
  • which risk avoidance strategies are now appropriate.

The brochure is available for free download.

Our lawyers will be happy to answer your questions about the Union Customs Code at any time. Simply call us, Mo-Fr. on +49 40 369615-0 or send us an e-mail


Attorney Dr. Tristan Wegner

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