The European Union (EU) has amended the basic anti-dumping regulation, the central body of anti-dumping law. A new basic anti-subsidy regulation was also adopted. The amendment will come into force on 20.07.2016.

Restructuring of the basic regulations

The original basic anti-dumping Regulation had entered into force in 2009 and had been frequently amended. According to the recitals, the main purpose of codification of the new regulation was to make it clear and concise, in order to restructure the many substantial changes made in the past. The legal changes in the past related mainly to the sampling method and the determination of the normal value. The basic anti-subsidy regulation will also be recodified for reasons of clarity and transparency.

The basic anti-dumping Regulation lays down the basic procedure for the determination of anti-dumping, such as the calculation of dumping and the conduct of an anti-dumping investigation.


  • Basic anti-dumping Regulation: old: Regulation (EC) 1225/2009 – new: Regulation (EU) 2016/1036
  • Basic Anti-Subsidy Regulation: old: Regulation (EC) 597/2009 – new: Regulation (EU) 2016/1037

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