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Threat of anti-dumping duties on hot-rolled steel from Russia

On 7 July 2016, the European Commission announced in the Official Journal of the EU (2016/C 246/08) the initiation of an anti-dumping proceeding concerning imports of certain hot-rolled flat products of iron, non-alloy steel or alloyed steel originating in Russia, Brazil, Iran, Serbia and Ukraine. The initiation of the procedure was based on a request made in May 2016 by the European Steel Association (EUROFER) on behalf of European manufacturers of these products.

Test method

The investigation will examine whether the product under investigation originating in the countries concerned is dumped and whether the EU industry has been injured by the dumped imports. Should this be confirmed, further consideration will be given to whether the introduction of measures would not be contrary to the Union’s interest.

Customs registration

As a precaution, Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) 2017/5 of 5 January 2017 ordered imports of certain hot-rolled flat products of iron, non-alloy steel or alloy steel originating in Russia and Brazil to be registered in order to allow retroactive collection of duties if the results of the investigation lead to the imposition of anti-dumping duties. As the significant increase in imports was mainly due to imports from Russia and Brazil, the Commission saw no reason to include imports from the other three countries concerned.

Results expected in 2017

In principle, the investigation will be completed within 15 months of publication of the notice in the Official Journal. Final anti-dumping measures can still be imposed by the Commission until 06.10.2017, so that the results of the investigation should be published by then at the latest.

Companies with trade relations with Russia should now examine whether their imports would be affected by the Commission’s impending anti-dumping measures in order to be able to react in good time.

Our customs lawyers will answer your questions about possible anti-dumping measures against Russian and Brazilian hot-rolled steel products.

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