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Bicycles from Taiwan: Additional customs payments threatened

At present, we are increasingly finding that customs duties on bicycles shipped from Taiwan are imposing substantial anti-dumping duties. The European Anti-Fraud Office (OLAF) carried out a so-called mission trip to Taiwan. It appears that in a large number of cases bicycles from Taiwan have indeed been found to have Chinese origin.

Anti-dumping duty on bicycles of Chinese origin

The background to this is that the European Union had already imposed an anti-dumping duty on Chinese bicycles some time ago. It is now suspected that certificates of origin are counterfeit and that importers are also involved in circumventing anti-dumping duties. It is therefore to be expected that not only considerable additional customs duties will be demanded for the last three years, but also, if necessary, criminal proceedings will be initiated.

If you have also imported bicycles from Taiwan, you should make sure that – despite proper certificates of origin – no customs duties can be levied. In any case, it must always be examined whether the allegations made by the main customs offices are at all reliable.

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